Player Pack & Code of Conduct

Our Programme

Our Development Centre is designed for players of all abilities with the emphasis on players improving their core skills while enjoying coaching sessions from our inspiring and experienced coaches. We are proud of the welcoming, inclusive and fun atmosphere at our centre.

As well as our mission to build on basic skills, our centre offers the opportunity for our players to really express their love for the game with competitions and ‘Player of the Week’ certificates.

Safety Issues

We want everyone to enjoy their Golf in a safe environment. Take care of your personal equipment at all times ensuring that it is safe and appropriate. No jewellery is to be worn to coaching, also no sweets or gum to be chewed whilst being coached.


Please ensure you are on time for drop off and pick up for the sessions. Coaches will always stay with child until they are picked up however if the parent is more than 5 minutes late the coach will call the emergency contact number to gather estimated time of arrival. Please bear in mind that often the coaches have other sessions and commitments to carry out so late drop off or pick up can create a big issue. If pick up is more than 15 minutes after scheduled end time you may incur charges in line with session costs.

Behaviour and Sportsmanship

We want all our players to mix with everyone no matter who they go to school with. This is very important for their development and also helps them socially within their groups. Golf should always be a fun experience and to socialise as part of a group.

All Golfers are required to abide by the Code of Conduct set out below.

Golfers must:

  1. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people and treat them equally within the context of sport.

  2. Adhere to guidelines, rules and regulations laid down by the Golf Centre

  3. Co-operate fully with the other staff at Torquay Golf Academy.

  4. Do all in their power to promote a positive image of Torquay Golf Academy at all times.

  5. Maintain a lifestyle that is in keeping with their position as an athlete.

  6. Not exert undue influence with other Torquay Golf Academy employees to obtain personal benefit or reward.

  7. Abide by guidelines laid down by the Coaches which may be made from time to time to cover specific situations.

Parents and family members must be on their ‘best behaviour’ at all times when attending junior coaching sessions, and for that reason a parental code of conduct is in place as follows.

  1. Profane language or harassment of Golfers, coaches or staff members will not be tolerated. The use of threats and/or violence in any form will not be tolerated.

  2. Parents are to observe the rule that NO coaching is applied, instead, encourage the Golfers and applaud good play. Leave the coaching to the Coaches.

  3. Parents are expected to take an active part in the golf academy by attending sessions, social functions and generally supporting the Golf Academy.

  4. Parents are requested to conduct ALL administrative, registration processes through the Admin Manager (Sam Stephens).

  5. Your first point of contact for queries and/ or feedback should be the parent liaison officer (Sam Stephens).

  6. Parents must refrain from encroaching on sessions. Please only approach the session when invited to do so by the respective coaches.

  7. If a member or parent has a reason to complain regarding coaching matters, then he should direct his/her complaint in writing to the Academy Manger (Sam Stephens) within 48 hours of the incident occurring.

  8. Parents must refrain from approaching the coach during training sessions and remain clear of the playing area at all times.

It cannot be stressed enough that any parents, people associated with the Golf Academy or a Golfers found in breach of the Code of Conduct will be dealt with severely and could face permanent removal from the Golf Academy.


Information will be sent via text during the year.

We will send out holiday information and details of trips via text message. 

The online membership form is completed using a website called ‘Wufoo’. It is extremely useful for us and very easy to use and forms can be completed in just a few minutes.

It is essential that this form is completed every year and by every player (separate forms for each sibling) as this gives us necessary contact and medical information.