Mission Statement

Through quality coaching programmes, quality facilites and technology I aim to offer Golf as a sport to all ages from any brackground.

What |'ve Achieved

  • Winner of the Golf Foundations national 'Bonallack Award' in 2012
    • This is awarded to the project that has demonstrated a successful pathway from schools into club membership
  • Winner of Active Devon's 'Coach of the Year 2015.
    • This was awarded across all sports in Devon during 2015
  • Developed the South Devon College Golf Academy from 2007-2010
    • The National Diploma has 57 student graduating through the programme into higher education.  It was the first of its kind in Devon
  • Developed the Torquay Junior Golf Academy from 2013 - 2015
    • Over 3000 children experiencing Golf through the programme.  This was an award winning prograame